we provide a platform for exact accurate 3D positioning of all road users within a traffic scene

The applications are endless
Detailed 3D traffic insights
All vehicles and vulnerable road users are positioned, tracked and categorized with the highest accuracy. This provides not only detailed statistical data but also a real-time view of the traffic situation. By analyzing large amounts of data, critical traffic situations can be found and replayed in a simulation tool. This means that both the root cause for bottle necks and safety hazards can be found.
Collective perception autonomous vehicles
Detailed positioning of all occluded objects sent with minimal latency to connected and autonomous vehicles. This ensures safer and smoother self driving vehicles when potential hazards are detected long in advance. The technology also enables better sharing of object data between vehicles and opens possibilities for advanced collaborative decision making reducing congestion.
Training data autonomous systems
Months of continuous traffic data can be stored and analyzed to find specific real-life traffic situations. These can be exported to scenario files used to create simulations that train autonomous driving software on complicated but real traffic situations from challenging locations.

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